Source code on WordPress.

August 8, 2010

So, I was looking at ways to post source code on wordpress and came across this interesting piece on their blog. []

So, lets give it a go!

// Comment
public static void main(String[] args) {


Hello world!

March 17, 2009

Let me start with a cliched first post.

How did it all begin? Two grad students, one in the NID, Banglore, India doing a masters is design and one in Stevens inst. of technology, doing a Masters in CS were chatting.

We were roommates during our undergrad years and go by the nicks ulsci (Pavan Garre) and unTamed (Tejaswi Yerukalapudi). 

Anyway, during one of our usual chat sessions, ulsci suddenly came up with the bright idea. Why don’t we make a blog for ourselves? We were both interested in HCI and what the future holds for it. He would provide the design perspective, while I would provide a coders view and the technical challenges of ideas that we come up with. Let me paste the chat snippet – 


5:42 AM ulsci: hav u seen.. microsoft vision 2019 ??
5:43 AM me: Nope, link?
 ulsci: their vision with all existing technology..
5:44 AM me: .
 ulsci: teja.. how abt we both make a combined blog ? 🙂
5:45 AM me: :S why blog? 😐
 ulsci: its like.. u are coder.. and designer..
  not blog as in personal blog..
  blog where comptuer science meets design..
5:46 AM me: Youknow, you are a CS student too 😐
 ulsci: yeah 🙂
5:47 AM but not all people out there in the world knows ..
  infact i am digital designer 🙂
5:48 AM see we post blogs and discuss abt all chips and all..
  sensors.. etc etc to ..
  their design..
5:50 AM there are design blogs..
  and there are it blogs..
5:51 AM but not a good mix of both..

Then came the usual discussion on blog names, getting a domain for ourselves etc. etc. and so here we are. Good blog name dont’cha think?


January 1, 1970